Ibizan hound Training

About This Breed

The Ibizan hound dog has another three alternative names, such as: Podenco Ibicenco, Ibizan Warren Hound and Ibizan Podenco. This dog’s body is very athletic, slim and flat. There are three types of Ibizan dogs, with smooth hair, long-haired and wire-haired. Ibizan hound dog training is a process that may take some time because you need to have special lessons for developing the hunting skills and also lessons for basic dog training. The measurements of an Ibizan hound dog are 56-74 centimeters tall and it weighs around 19-25 kg. We recommend that you have an easy and calm Ibizan hound dog training as these dogs don’t respond to harsh treatments.

How to train an Ibizan hound dog in Austin

If you really care for your dog and if you really love it you should seek for the right information about how to train an Ibizan hound dog. There are a lot of steps that need to be followed during the Ibizan hound dog training program. You must know that any dog training, especially Ibizan hound dog training has to be done progressively and consistently. Almost any dog training has to be started when the dog is six months old after a prior selection of the dogs which is done when the puppy is four months old. During Ibizan hound dog training the dog is taught how to deal with noises produced by the gun and it is also taught not to bark only if it is asked to. All the information related to Ibizan hound dog training need to be seriously understood and put in practice. It’s very important that you get all the information about how to train an Ibizan hound dog from somebody who is entitled to give that kind of info, otherwise, you might get the wrong information and you will not manage to get your dog properly trained.

Basic Ibizan hound dog training commands in Austin

SIT – you will need to use the dog collar and the dog leash as adjutant items for completing the four basic training commands. After you placed these two items around your Ibizan hound dog’s neck you may start teaching it the first command. If you pull up the leash and push down the dog on its back you will have it sit. Command it to sit when takes the position and then praise the dog for what it did.

STAY – you can start teaching your Ibizan hound dog the stay position only after you taught it the sitting one. While the dog sits, ask it to stay when you are in front of it with the dog leash over its head. If the dog wants to get up pull the leash upwards until the dog sits again. After a while, your dog will obey and will be able to execute the command by itself.

LIE DOWN – teach your Ibizan hound dog the lie down position by pulling the dog leash in a diagonal way to its back or by pressing the dog down from its shoulder blades until it lies down. Praise the dog every time it executes a command because this way its self-confidence will be much increased.

STAND – teaching Ibizan hound dogs the stand command will ask that you use the dog collar in order to make the dog stand. You have to hold first the dog collar and give the command while pulling it forward gently. When the dog is in the position keep it that way for about 20 seconds. Work on the command until the dog will stand without needing your help. Ibizan hound dog training techniques are using assertive methods so that the dog will get more and more self confidence and will to cooperate with the trainer and its master.