Jagdterrier Training

About This Breed

The Jagdterrier dog is a hunting dog and it is believed that the breed was created by crossing the Fox Terrier, Welsh Terrier and the old English Terrier but it is possible that the Teckel and the Pinscher were involved in this crossing too. The Jagdterrier dog is a small animal with black – grey or dark brown with brown, red spots around the eyes, muzzle, chest and paws. This type of dog is always willing to work, intelligent, firm, with great vitality and tenacity; that is why Jagdterrier dog training is quite a pleasure to be performed on these dogs. It’s really important that you focus the Jagdterrier dog training on the activity of developing the hunting skills, which is the primary use for such breed.

How to train a Jagdterrier dog in Austin

Every hunting dog has its own special dressage program so Jagdterrier dog training can be quite specific and individualized. Before starting the program you need to seek for information about how to train a Jagdterrier dog and take some important tests of the dog which is going to be put under training. It is very well known that these tests help you a lot in choosing the right Jagdterrier dog training and what methods you should follow in order to get the best results possible. There are some very good qualities that characterize the Jagdterrier dog, such as: perseverance, loyalty, sociability, activeness, resistance to different diseases. These wonderful qualities make this dog to be a very wanted pet among breeders. Even though the Jagdterrier dog can be pretty cautious even dangerous with strangers, it is extremely affectionate with its master and its family. It is believed that this kind of terrier doesn’t fit for being an accompany dog, mainly because of its difficult temperament. That is why you need follow a very rigorous and firm Jagdterrier dog training. You can get very good results after this training unless you may a lot of attention to any detail about how to train a Jagdterrier dog.

Basic Jagdterrier dog training commands in Austin

SIT – teach your Jagdterrier dog the first basic command but only after you placed a dog collar and a dog leash to the animal’s neck. These two articles will help you through out the training process and will make it easier for you to constrain your dog into taking the right position. When you want to teach it the sitting position you have to haul up the dog leash and push the dog down on its back so that the dog will have to sit. Giving the verbal command while the dog takes the position it is extremely recommended.

STAY – teach your Jagdterrier dog to stay only after you taught it to sit. Ask the dog to sit first and then to stay while you are in front of it with the leash over its head. If the dog want to get up haul the leash high up so that the dog will be forced to sit again. Work on the command until you get prompt responses every time.

LIE DOWN – when you want to teach your Jagdterrier dog the lie down position you need to push the dog down on its shoulder blades or to tug the leash diagonally towards its back until it lies down. Each of these two actions must be done very gently so you can allow the dog to respond positively. After helping it for the first times, try to only push down on its front so it will know to lie down.

STAND – you can teach your Jagdterrier dog the stand command by following similar methods as you followed with the previous commands. Hold the dog collar and give the command whilst pulling forward on the collar slightly. Make the dog stand for 20 seconds and then you may let it move. If the dog doesn’t want to obey, then push the collar gently in the reverse direction until the dog stands. Jagdterrier dog training is supposed to solve all the problems that you may encounter in your relationship with the dog, even if they concern the behavioral ones or not.