Japanese Terrier Training

About This Breed

Japanese terrier dog training resources: The Japanese terrier dog comes from Japan and it is a small dog created by crossing the fox terrier with the Japanese pointers. The dog has some other alternative names and nicknames as well. The Nippon Terrier or the Nihon Teria is used as alternative names and Kobe Terrier, Mikado Terrier and Oyuki Terrier, which are the nicknames. The Japanese terrier dog is a balanced animal with thick short fur, which might be in three colors but white is predominant. Japanese terrier dog training is based on general and basic education which will change or develop a normal and obedient behavior. This dog can be described as a very calm and happy dog; that is why it is a real pleasure to perform a Japanese terrier dog training program.

How to train a Japanese terrier dog in Austin

You may have a lot of questions regarding the Japanese terrier dog training program but you don’t have to worry about it anymore as there are plenty of specialized sources that you can get this information from. All you have to do is to be careful and attentive to every detail about how to train a Japanese terrier dog and everything will go smoothly. In order for you to understand all the answers to your questions, we will try to explain and show you how the dog’s mind works. There are plenty of researches concerning the animal’s behavior and conditioned reflexes as well. One experiment showed that ringing a bell every time you feed the dog it will make the dog associate the sound of ringing the bell with food (natural stimulus) after doing it for several times. This is a conditioned answer to a conditional stimulus (the sound of the bell). ASSOCIATION is a very important phenomenon during Japanese terrier dog training and that will have a significant effect on teaching the dog all the commands. You must know that you can’t get any association without repeating the commands over and over again. Japanese terrier dog training uses positive and negative rewards in order to reinforce the association.

Basic Japanese terrier dog training commands in Austin

First of all you need to place a dog collar and a dog leash around your dog’s neck and then you may start training it the four basic commands.

SIT – you can find out how to train a Japanese terrier dog the sitting command by reading the following paragraph. Teach your Japanese terrier dog the first basic command by pulling up the dog leash at the same time with pushing the dog down until it sits. If it won’t obey, grip the leash firmly and pull upward. Within a short period of time you will get prompt responses when you ask your Japanese terrier dog to sit.

STAY – start teaching your Japanese terrier dog the stay command only after you taught it the sitting position. Have the dog sit first and then ask it to stay whilst you are standing before the animal with the dog leash above its head. Work on the command until your dog will be able to associate t verbal command with the position requested.

LIE DOWN – training Japanese terrier dogs the lie down command will require that you use the same methods as you used for the previous commands. Push the dog down by using; either the dog leash or your hand, in order to make the dog lie down. Keep repeating the exercise until you get fast responses from the dog.

STAND – teach your Japanese terrier dog the stand command by holding the dog collar and pull it forward gently until the dog stands. Keep it in the position for a short while and then repeat the exercise until you are satisfied with its responses. All the methods contained in Japanese terrier dog training are used with alternation and in a progressive manner.