Rafeiro do Alentejo Training

About This Breed

Rafaero do Alentejo is a dog of Portuguese provenience, being also called Portuguese Sheepdog or Portuguese Mastiff. Rafeiro do Alentejo dog training will be a lengthy task, but in the end you will be fully satisfied with your pet. The Rafeiro do Alentejos are large dogs that offer protection to your home. The Portuguese Sheepdog is usually calm, independent, courageous but sometimes over-protective. This is an area the Rafeiro do Alentejo dog training must work on. The Rafeiro do Alentejo is not a dog for beginners, but it will get along well with children or other dog companions. It also has a very distinctive low barking.

How to Train the Rafeiro do Alentejo in Austin

First of all, train the puppy as early as possible, the sooner you start the better results you’ll get in training the Portuguese Mastiff. If you want to know how to train the Rafeiro do Alentejo, don’t waste time on obedience training, it probably won’t do for this breed. Train your Portuguese Sheepdog using motivational training. When starting to train the puppy, make sure you’re the leader, and that the puppy knows that. Rafeiro do Alentejo dog training techniques rely on excellent dog-master communication. Try a determined, constant but caring training approach. Your pet will best react to that. Be patient when training the Portuguese Mastiff, it’s got a strong will and an independent temperament. Make sure you offer to your dog the possibility to exercise; it needs to train and develop their muscles and hunting skills. This dog may be a very good guard dog, but it can become excessively protective and suspicious to any people it is not acquainted with. One important aspect to consider is that during Portuguese Mastiff dog training your pet will be more than happy to receive love from you, despite its large size.