Saluki Training

About This Breed

The Saluki is known also under many different names, including Gazelle Hound, Arabian Hound or Persian Greyhound or Tanji. Saluki training will be quite difficult; even if properly trained, the Saluki keeps its independence. The breed originates in the Middle East , being an Egyptian traditional dog, and is considered to be one of the oldest pure breeds of dog. It is considered to be the fastest dog ever, so the Saluki dog training schedule must include plenty of exercise to facilitate this feature of the dog. The Gazelle Hound is a very elegant dog, having a slim body that looks like a Greyhound.

How to Train the Saluki in Austin

Start to train your affectionate dog by offering a gentle treatment. Be patient with the Saluki dog training. As a puppy it is necessary that you give it proper crate training. Don’t try to be rough with the Saluki puppy. The leash training might take some weeks or even months, but if consistent, you’ll get good results.

The Saluki will be more obedient with dominant persons, so try to act as if you are the leader. Saluki dog training must do something to diminish the breed’s strong hunting instincts. Try giving your dog as much exercise as possible, and give it varied games to play, this will distract it from reacting to any small creatures. Don’t leave your Arabian Hound alone at home for a longer period, as it will become destructive.

Otherwise it will give you affection, though sometimes it will act reserved. Anyway, you’ll be proud to have a Saluki as a friend.